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Lang Son Travel Information overview

Lang Son
Area: 8331.2 km ²
Population: 746.4 thousand people (2006)
Its capital: Lang Son City
The districts of Trang Dinh, Van Lang Van Quan, Gia Binh and Bac Son, Huu Lung, Chi Lang, Cao Loc, Loc Binh Dinh Lap.
Ethnicity: Vietnamese (Kinh), Tay, Dao, Nung …


Natural Conditions

Lang Son is a province located in the northern border with China border 253km long. Northern provinces of Cao Bang province, Lang Son travel, Bac Giang Province to the south, east Guangxi (China), south east of Quang Ninh province, west, south-western province of Bac Kan province and Thai Nguyen province.
The topography of the province is mainly mountainous. The system is relatively dense streams have created the fertile valley fields favorable for agricultural development. Through the territory of the province’s major rivers Ky Cung, Ba Thin, Bac Giang … Cool temperate climate, annual average temperature of 21.5 º C.
Potential economic development and tourism

Lang Son has the potential of mineral, agricultural and forest products that stand out as star anise, potential tourism and trade. As the area of ​​the country, Lang Son province has many scenic, charming small country, there are many historical culture imbued with national identity, where the ruins of Bac Son culture, cultural Mai Pha goods, all created immense potential for tourism development in the province of Lang Son, Lang Son makes strange attraction to tourists.
Since ancient times, the folk of Vietnam had two verses listed the famous scenic sites in Lang Son.
Dong Dang Ky Lua City
There she Thi, Tam Thanh Pagoda.

Ethnicity and religion
As one of the discovery of the remains of the Vietnam case history, and Lang Son bold imprint of the traditional culture of the many ethnic groups in Vietnam. The people have populated in Lang Son as Nung, Tay, Vietnam, Dao. They have many customs and unique holidays.

Road traffic, railways are convenient. Highway 1A connects Hanoi – Lang Son city 154km long, Ha Noi – Lang Son – Dong Dang 170km long. Also 1B Highway 60km to Thai Nguyen, Yen Tien National Highway 4B over 48km to Quang Ninh, Cao Bang Highway to 55km 4A, District Highway 279 through Bac Binh Gia to 73km. International railway Hanoi – China runs through the territory of the province about 100km.

Lang Son tourist sites

 Nhi Thanh Cave .

Nhi Thanh Cave

Nhi Thanh Cave

Location: Located in the city of Lang Son, near the Tam Thanh
Features: As a natural cave from the front door out the back door than 500m long, with spectacular scenery.

Dong Nhi Thanh associated with celebrity Ngo Thi Sy discovers he is the Second City, and the replenishment remodeling excursions into place in May 5/1779. Dong Nhi Thanh quite large, with many corners, many falling stalactites form is diverse. From the main gate to the temple at Triangle Church of the Confucius, Lao Zi, Shakyamuni. In the target nerve with Ngo Thi Si carved on the cliff and the cliff also recorded many of his articles and sign various other celebrities.

Chi Lang Pass .

Chi Lang Pass

Chi Lang Pass

Location: Chi Lang commune, Chi Lang District, Lang Son Province on Highway 1A from Hanoi to Lang Son.
Characteristics: With a monumental scale, massive, rugged terrain, weak, Chi Lang Pass is considered walls of the ancient Thang Long before the expedition of northern invaders.

Pass Chi Lang – land of spiritual exhaustion and brilliant victories in the northern borderland region of the country. With rugged terrain, weak, hurdle Chi Lang is considered the bulwark of Thang Long in the block from the infamous expedition to the North overflow.

Chi Lang who is the monumental scale and massive run nearly 20km, 3km wide linking the Chi Lang and Huu Lung district of Lang Son province. Chi Lang Attractions Pass is surrounded by rocky mountains to the west and Kai Kinh Bao Dai mountains in the east. Two mountains where one independent rock, towering form the insurance. History of Chi Lang majestic associated with the operation of the military genius like Ly Thuong Kiet, Tran Quoc Tuan and talented leader of origin Lang: Body Landscape cheese Phuc, Loc World, Yellow Hue University …
Conversely distant history, people in Chi Lang left traces of Bac Son culture – Pha Mai is famous for caves as the legendary beauty and the stone axes, pottery … evidence for the early stage history, human living in our country.
In the years before and after the Christian era, frontier Chi Lang has been associated with the cause of national construction and defense of the nation, the struggle against feudal dynasty Chinese invasion. 14th century, the prime minister, Pham Su Manh Tran when riding through a borderland lowered immortal verse: “Chi Lang skyward title insurance frontier”.
1077, Phu Quoc Ly Thuong Kiet Thai captain of Chi Lang to personally meet code pro Blessed Body Landscape discuss the war. With the battle lines and Giap Khau Decision Management (Chi Lang), civil and military Blessed Body Landscape origin Lang joined forces defeated the invaders Tong second.
13th century, the world was shaken by the horse’s hooves Mongol empire. However, in 1284, the military wing Nguyen Chi Lang was last frontier army blocked beat vehemently, and Minister Pair Nhuan Nguyen was killed on the spot. The Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan expressed his military genius here: pitfalls in horses, for our soldiers used machetes bottom hole fine leg off the horse, separating us from the Mongol battle-horses destroy them …

15th century, the frontier Chi Lang Vietnam to history a glorious page, it’s 1427 victory, killing almost the Far marshal An Lieu Thang – all enemy generals and armies Ming 1, making a decisive contribution to victory over the forces of resistance against Ming, liberated country. 18th century, under Emperor Quang Trung – a military genius, Chi Lang once again hit the military-shattered country Qing invaders … In the 19th and 20th centuries, the frontier Chi Lang witnessed feats beat France, Japan pursuit of our army and people.
Pass Chi Lang was more international visitors, the heads of state, generals, historians, tourists … to visit with a special reverence. Slovacxoc – famous ethnographer in the former Czechoslovakia trip Chi Lang has been craving assessment: “Maybe this is a unique trapezoidal fortification in the world, it demonstrates the intelligence and military ingenuity how great a nation must always fight against an army of invading her a hundred times more powerful in the long process of national construction and defense. Demonstrating a famous visionary: “Get the enemy much less, get weak strong win. “

Mau Son Mountain .

Mau Son Mountain

Mau Son Mountain

Location: The city 30km east of Lang Son.
Features: Located at an altitude of 1.541m above sea level, the mountain temperate climate, suitable for resort.

Mau Son Mountain is surrounded by hundreds of small mountains. The climate is mild, winter, Mau Son has always been cloud cover. In summer, bright yellow sun. When the spring, all the best model cherry red paint.

Dao Mau Son just to the left, just sweet. Mau Son is very delicious teas snow, flowing water. Mau Son wine and fragrant by the people here cooking with yeast ingredients of some herbal plants found only in Mau Son. Only at this altitude, with water flowing from the mountain Mother, new flavors to the wine concentration.
By Mau Son not only to enjoy the scenery, the fresh air, but also to be immersed in human life, the culture of the ethnic minorities here.
Previously, Mu Mountain resort which is more spacious villas not much inferior compared to Sa Pa, Tam Dao. But then war occurs, several homes were destroyed. In the future, Mau Son will be built into the resort and tourism development climbers.

Tam Thanh Cave.

Tam Thanh cave

Tam Thanh cave

Location: Tam Thanh Ward Located in Lang Son City, Ky Lua western city. Features: Walls of the poem is engraved Ngo Thi Si praised the natural beauty of this majestic place.
Located in the heart of the mountains with elephants prostrate on the grass. Tam Thanh Cave halfway up the mountain. Cave to look eastward with access to 8m tall 30 stone steps carved into the mountainside, with more luxuriant vegetation obscured the sun.
Cliff to the right of the poem engraved Ngo Thi Si (1726-1780) when he was Director of Lang Son town, praising the majestic natural beauty. Did the poem: “Spring flow over hundreds of rocks as talking. Turning their backs on the mountain look forward to see the island Vong Phu”. In the Buddha image A – di – momentum and spectacular stalactites.

Ky Lua Market.

Ky Lua market

Ky Lua market

Location: Market, located in the city center of Lang Son, Lang Son province.
Characteristics: Market has hundreds of years, is a bustling shopping center of local people as well as visitors from other provinces and neighboring areas.

Ky Lua Market is also a cultural exchange of the minorities. On the day the fair, young ethnic Tay, Nung, Dao slave to tingle the procurement of goods, finding you meet and exchange sentiments. Ky Lua Market is famous throughout history, so visitors who also turn into Lang Son Ky Lua market to know, to admire and buy some souvenirs from the trip.

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